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Detailing School

Detailing School

Vancouver Island
Saturday, February 17, 2018 - 5:45pm
British Columbia

Twenty members and guests came out on a cold and rainy morning to learn the ins and outs of getting a clean interior. Luckily the event took place well inside the detailing shop and away from the wind and weather. Detailing Centre Manger Andrew O’Keefe began the demonstration by identifying Leo Vanderven’s Smart car as the canvas for his work. Even luckier Leo!

The Smart is a special challenge because the fabric in the seats and door panels is tricky to clean without leaving watermarks. Leo told us that he’d tried once himself and just seemed to be moving the dirt around, so he gave up. Andrew began by removing the rubber floor mats, cleaning them with a power washer, and covering them with a protectant. Then he moved on to the driver’s seat, the floor carpet and the door panel, pointing out the problem areas as he went.  

As the demonstration proceeded it became apparent that the results were due at least as much to Andrew’s technique as to the products he was using, carefully chosen though they are. Shampooing the floor carpet, for example, entailed a lot more shampoo than I would have imagined. It was sucked out later using a shop vac. While several of us took photos of

the items on the product cart and looked them up online as they were used, a lot of knowledge and skill is involved in getting the best results. 


An hour and a half later the Smart’s interior was only about half done, but we were due at Three Point Motors’ AMG Centre at noon. Andrew kept working on the Smart as the rest of us walked out to find a nicer day than the one we’d left. As we entered the AMG Centre we were surprised to see a large table with twenty place settings, a table with beverages, and another with food prepared by Chef Ryan of the Villa Eyrie Resort. Our menu included mushroom toast, a salad with bocconcini and heritage cherry tomatoes, and a tuna plate.  Thank you to GAIN for providing such a generous and delicious treat. 

As lunch ended we held a draw for a free detailing package. The lucky winner was Gary Graves (seen on the right above), who will be turning up to a club event some time soon with one of the cleanest cars in town. Thank you to GAIN for donating this prize and for your constant support of the Club. 

Andrew had invited us back to the detailing centre for a question-and-answer on a topic chosen by the group. We rapidly homed in on glass and leather and most of us walked back down to the shop after lunch. Andrew showed us his trick for getting into the interior corners of front and rear windshields, which involves a repurposed duster with a long, flexible rod that can be wrapped with a detailing cloth. Once again it was about the technique. 

Most of the work done by the detailing shop is in direct support of GAIN’s Victoria dealers. GAIN wants to expand the shop’s base of retail clients. You can book a session through the service department at Three Point Motors. You won’t regret it!

The photos accompanying this article were selected from almost 50 photos of the event taken by Wyman Lee and put up on Dropbox (link). You don’t need a Dropbox account of your own to access them, so take a look. Thank you, Wyman, for acting as our photographer!